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Behind on Payments?

Are you behind on your bills? Do you have the mortgage company or other creditors hounding you with mail and phone calls? If so, we can help!

People never choose to get into this kind of situation. It’s almost always some kind of personal tragedy, such as illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce or break-up, sudden unemployment, etc.

In fact, you probably never figured that you would be in this situation—this sort of thing happens to other people, right? Many of our customers say this, and we reply that people are not their situations—everyone deserves respect and a second chance. We’ve built our business giving people that second chance, helping good people who find themselves in bad situations.

We know that for many people who are behind on payments, maintaining their property becomes less important than feeding their family and trying to make the bill payments to avoid foreclosure—and understandably so!

For that reason, we buy properties in any condition, even falling down. We buy as quickly/slowly as you need (in 7 days or less, if you need to move that fast), and we know how to work with your creditors so we can usually avoid foreclosure and save your credit.

Our services are completely free, totally confidential, and no matter what we always spend time reviewing all your options with you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us now.

If you’re ready to take action to stop the “past due” notices and the bill collector calls, then contact us now at 401-300-0093 or online and we can get started today!

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