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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers about us and what we do. If you have a different question please feel free to call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it at no cost or obligation to you.

Do you buy anything other than houses?
Yes, we buy all kinds of property, in any condition, including condominiums, multi-families (duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, etc.), even apartment buildings.
Most people contact us about houses though, so that’s why the rest of our site says “houses”—but we really mean all kinds of property, because that’s what we buy!
What if my house is vacant or needs repairs?
That’s OK! We buy vacant houses and property needing all kinds of repairs, major or minor. Fire damage, foundation/structural problems, electrical, plumbing, houses that have been empty for decades, it’s all fine with us. We have the team in place to handle anything! Call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started today.
Can you really buy my house in 7 days or less?
While every situation is different, in most cases if you are ready to sell that quickly we can buy that quickly. We have the resources and team in place to move as quickly as you want us to! We can also move more slowly if you prefer. Our mission is to solve your real estate problems on whatever schedule works best for you.
How can you buy properties so fast?
We’re private investors with access to a large cash base, allowing us to close on a property in a matter of days if that’s when you want to sell. We already have the cash and team in place to work on whatever schedule you are comfortable with, fast or slow.

How do I know you’ll really do what you say you will?
First, see what our customers say, and if you want, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with those customers directly. Second, the Small Business Administration states that 95% of new businesses fail in the first five years. We’ve been in business successfully since May 2000, and with so many satisfied customers, we must be doing something right!
If I’m behind on my mortgage and I call you, will I have to make more payments?
Probably not; every situation is different, but in most cases after you contact us we can quickly find a solution that means you won’t have to make any more payments.
What if I’m already in foreclosure?
You need to act quickly. Banks try to give you as much time as possible to make amends, but once they actually start foreclosure they’re a lot less friendly. You no longer have the luxury of putting your house on the market and hoping it will sell sometime in the next six months—by the time you’re in foreclosure you only have weeks or days to do something. Contact us or call us now at 401-300-0093 and we’ll explain what happens in foreclosure and what your options are. Or go to our stop foreclosure page for more info.
What’s the benefit of working with you?
There are many benefits: We can buy as quickly as you want or need to sell, we buy as-is which means no home inspections, we buy cash which means no financing/mortgage contingencies (our offer isn’t dependent on us getting financing—we have the cash ready to buy your house now!), and we are professionals with tremendous experience allowing us to handle any situation, common or uncommon, including foreclosure, major and minor repairs, divorce, inheritance/probate/estate sales, little/no equity (100% financed), vacant/ugly properties, and much more. Contact us to find out more.
Can we get together and meet in person?
Absolutely. In fact, we always insist on meeting our customers in person. Selling your property is a big decision. You want to get all your questions answered and know who you’re selling to, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible with the process. Call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment.
How do I start working with you to solve my house problem?
Easy! Just call us any time at 401-300-0093 or contact us online. It’s free, no cost or obligation, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your options. If your property and situation sound like something we can help with, we’ll get started helping you right away!
Can you help with my kind of situation?
Almost certainly, but you have to contact us first! We’re professionals who have been in this business for many years—we’ve seen it all. Whether your situation is common or uncommon, chances are extremely good we can help you. In the very unlikely event we can’t, our consultation is still entirely free to you and we will always explain all your options. But chances are excellent that we will be able to help. There’s only one way to find out for sure though: contact us today. It’s totally cost- and risk-free to you.
Do you really buy any house?
Just about! There is rarely a time we can’t buy a property we look at, but in the very unlikely event we couldn’t buy yours for some reason, our service is still completely free and no matter what we always take the time to explain all your options, so contacting us is completely risk free to you.
Why shouldn’t I just call a real estate agent?
There are so many reasons to contact us instead of calling an agent that we had to create a separate page to list them all (opens in new window).
What if I’ve moved away from the property? Do I have to come back to sell?
No, you don’t have to come back at all. We can buy your property if you live 10 miles or 3000 miles away, and we will make sure your money gets into your hands wherever you are located.
How much will you pay for my house?
We take several things into account when coming up with a purchase price: the condition of the property, whether it needs any repairs and what kind of repairs, what city or town it’s in, the condition of its neighborhood and surrounding properties, and the type and amount of any mortgages, liens, etc. on the property. Call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us for a free offer today!
Do you trick people out of their houses?
No, not at all. When you contact us we’ll explain all your options as fully as possible and encourage you to take as much time as you need to make a decision. Plus, we have a long list of satisfied customers who have written that we do keep our promises. You don’t get that, nor do you stay in business for well over a decade, by being dishonest with people. As it says on our about us page, we believe that win-win is the only way to do business.
How do you make money from this?
We solve problems that other people don’t want to, or can’t, solve on their own. Houses needing major repairs are one example, but things like foreclosures are another, where we can buy houses quickly to save homeowners’ credit and let them move on with their lives.
After buying, we do repairs and improvements and either sell the houses (which can take six months or more—our problem) or rent them out, often improving neighborhoods by fixing up the worst property on the block. When we have tenants we always try to give them the opportunity to buy the property, no matter what their credit is like.
What happens when I contact you? How soon will I hear from you?
We make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours. After you contact us we research the property’s area and what solutions we can provide for your situation. Then we call you to make sure we understand your situation correctly, to get any additional info we need, and to discuss details of making you an offer, writing up the paperwork, and setting a closing date.
We believe in active listening and the main goal of our first contact with you is to understand your situation and your needs. While some situations may be similar to others, every person is different and therefore there is no “canned” solution. Only after we understand your situation and your needs can we start working on your solution. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started solving your property problem!
What will you do with my information?
We treat any information you give us as totally confidential—exactly how we want our own personal information to be treated. Whether or not we buy your property (and chances are excellent that we will!), we will never share your information outside our company without your permission. We are in the business of solving problems for homeowners, not selling people’s information!
Who are you, anyway?
We are a small local company which has been incorporated and doing business successfully since May 2000. We are a few dedicated and hardworking individuals allied with top-notch business partners including attorneys, title companies, mortgage brokers, etc. We are a team totally committed to providing real solutions to property problems in Rhode Island.
For more information on our company, see the about us page, or contact us and we can get started helping you today!
We make our living solving property problems for people—call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started solving yours today!
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