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The following are some disclaimers concerning our website and business:

We believe it is simply “good business” to create win-win solutions which benefit everyone. This makes everyone happy, ensures that we get good testimonials from satisfied customers, and encourages our customers to recommend us to others. However, you should know that we are principals in our transactions and are acting in our own self-interest.

We do this for a living, so we have to make sure that every deal we do includes a certain profit for us. We’re not out to “screw” anybody (that’s not how we do business—ever), but there does have to be something in each deal to compensate us for spending our time and expertise putting it together so that everyone can walk away happy.

We are not attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, or any other kind of licensed professional. When we buy a property we are not acting as the owner’s “agent” or “fiduciary”, we are principals (i.e., acting for ourselves). Therefore we always recommend that our customers seek out their own professional legal, tax, etc. counsel if they have any questions or concerns about the details of a transaction.

We believe that the contents of our website are accurate and reflect our business practices and experience, however we make no representations or warranties whatsoever (express or implied) concerning the contents of our website.

As stated above, we are not accountants, attorneys, or real estate agents. Any or all of the information on our website may be incorrect or inaccurate. If you have specific questions or concerns we urge you to contact us so we can talk about them with you in person or over the phone.

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