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Stop Foreclosure

If you’re in foreclosure you need to act fast. You no longer have the luxury of putting your house on the market and hoping it will sell sometime in the next six months—by the time you’re in foreclosure you only have weeks or days left.

When we stop the foreclosure by buying your property, chances are very good your credit can be saved. This means you have a much better chance of being able to own another house in the future.

A foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit can wreck your chances to own a house again or even rent. Lenders, credit card companies, and even landlords check your credit before doing business with you. Have you ever tried to get a loan or rent an apartment with bad credit? Imagine having no credit.

We have a detailed description of what can happen in foreclosure if you do nothing. In short, it’s not pretty. You probably already know how devastating it can be to your self esteem, and you know it will destroy your credit, too.

We’ve worked with people in your situation many times before. We know the foreclosure process, how you’re feeling, how banks think (or don’t think), and what options you have. We want to help. Fill out the form below or call us at 401-300-0093 and we can begin stopping your foreclosure ASAP.

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