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Major and Minor Repairs

Does your house need repairs? Is it “run down” or “beat up”, or does it just need a little (or a lot of) “TLC”? Are you embarrassed to have friends come over to your house, never mind potential buyers? If so, we can help!

We will buy your property no matter what kind of repairs it needs, and our service will be completely free to you. We’ll even handle all the paperwork!

We can do this because our relationships with contractors and work crews lets us take on even the toughest jobs without flinching, which means no more violations, tax bills, or trying to find someone reliable to do all the repairs.

When we buy your property, you don’t have to bother “prettying it up” to minimize or hide any repairs that are needed. We’ve seen it all! We’ll take all the necessary repairs into account and make you a fair cash offer that will take the repairs off your “to do” list and replace them with money in your pocket.

Our services are completely free, totally confidential, and no matter what we always spend time reviewing all your options with you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us now.

If you’re ready to get this property and all its problems out of your life for good, and get the money you deserve from it, then call us now at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started today!

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