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100% Financed (No Equity)

Are you caught in the vice of a “no equity” situation, stuck between a house and a mortgage as high as—or higher—than the property is worth? If so, we can help!

Have you tried selling the house on your own, only to find out it’s not sellable when there’s no equity to pay closing costs, attorneys, etc.? Have you talked to real estate agents who brushed you off once they realized you couldn’t afford their commissions?

It’s even worse if your house needs repairs or you need to sell due to sudden unemployment, death or illness of a loved one, divorce/break-up, relocating for a new job, etc. That just makes a bad situation even worse, highlighting the “rock and a hard place” feeling even more.

We know how to solve this problem and undo the “vice” of being stuck in a house with little/no equity. We can help you sell this property as fast as you need to, getting it off your back for good, but you need to contact us to get the process started.

Our ability to help you depends on our ability to negotiate with the bank to reach a solution benefitting everybody (you, the bank, and us). This means lots of extra work for us, so for us to help you as fast as possible means you need to call us at 401-300-0093 or contact us now so we can get started today!

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