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We have expertise in many kinds of real estate problems, not just the ones on our home page. Do you have a unique real estate problem, something we haven’t written about on our site? If so, contact us. Chances are excellent we can help!

Some of the more unusual areas we’ve run across—and can solve for
you—include title problems (ownership is unclear), partial ownership (buying just a percentage ownership in a property; try asking an agent to list that on the multiple listing service!), life estates and remainder interests (we buy the future right to inherit a property), burned out landlords or rental problems (e.g., high vacancy or expenses), and more.

Other unusual areas we handle include judgments/executions, various forms of liens (tax, mechanics’, etc.), defaulted mortgages, 2nd position mortgages, reverse mortgages, lease-options (where someone rents with the option to buy at a specific price), and much more!

All this isn’t meant to impress you with hard-to-understand real estate words, it’s to show you that we do this for a living, we are professionals, and we can probably solve any real estate related problem that you contact us about!

Whatever your property problem is, if you’re ready to finally take care of it and move on with your life, then call us now at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started solving this property problem for you today!

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