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Double Payments?

Are you making “double payments”, paying two mortgages at once? Have you moved into your new house but are still making payments on the old one because you haven’t been able to sell it? Are you tired of throwing money down the drain every month? If so, we can help!

We know what a tough burden paying for two houses at once can be. It’s hard enough for many families to afford one house these days, let alone two! And it’s even harder to keep both properties in good shape when you’re not living in one of them.

If you’ve tried to sell your other property but haven’t sold it yet, don’t worry—you’ve found your buyer! We buy houses in any area and any condition. Major and minor repairs, deferred maintenance, even unpaid taxes and liens are no problem to us. We will buy your property and solve your house problem!

We’ll buy your house as fast as you need to sell it, so if you want to your house problem solved by this time next week, contact us now!

Our service is free and totally confidential, we even handle all the paperwork. In the very unlikely event that we can’t buy your property for some reason, we will still spend our time discussing all your options with you. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us at 401-300-0093 or contacting us now!

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