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Have you and your spouse divorced recently? Are you about to? Do you have to figure out what to do with the property now? If so, we can help.

We know that divorce is a difficult experience for everyone involved, from the former spouses to their children and parents, and even to both extended families. Often the last thing anyone wants to bring up is what to do about jointly-owned property.

It’s even more difficult when one person moves out and the other isn’t able to maintain the property well, causing it to fall into disrepair and providing yet another source of disagreement.

Many times the easiest thing is to simply sell the house and divide the proceeds between the parties. Sometimes that’s not easy, though, because it might need repairs, or one person may need to sell fast, such as moving out of state to take a new job.

We understand the divorce process and we know how to work with people, attorneys, and courts in this difficult situation to buy as quickly and painlessly as possible for everyone.

Further, our services are totally free and completely confidential, so there is no risk calling us and discussing your options. If you’d like to take action to solve one of the most difficult aspects of your divorce today, call us now at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started right away!

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