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Why Not Use a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents “list” property, they don’t buy it. We buy houses and other types of property. If you call an agent you could be waiting months to see if your house will sell, versus having it sold and taken care of in a matter of days if you contact us.

We charge no commissions or fees, versus a 6% agent commission plus closing costs, attorney fees, ongoing mortgage, tax, insurance, utility, etc. payments. If you take the time to add up all the costs involved in holding the property for months and selling through an agent, you’ll quickly find it could be $50,000 or more, and on top of it you won’t know that it’s sold as you will by calling us.

We are cash buyers which means our offer has no “financing contingency” and you won’t have to worry that your buyer won’t get loan approval or won’t get approval for your asking price, which is a common problem people run into when selling through an agent.

We also buy property as-is which means no “inspection contingency”. This is a standard part of every agent’s contract which lets buyers walk away if their inspections turn up something they don’t like. If your house needs any work at all, a buyer can use the inspection results to force your price way down or—worse—walk away completely. A buyer may even love your house but their bank’s appraiser might deny the loan due to needed repairs, leaving you out in the cold.

When we buy your property you don’t have to worry about any of these problems. We’ll buy it in days, we buy as-is with no home inspectors, and we buy all cash which means no appraisals, banks, or loan approvals. You have a sure thing—a sale in a matter of days if you want it that fast—versus commissions, fees, ongoing bills, and the possibility of no sale after months on the market if you call an agent.

Agents work on many houses at once, so they can spend very little time on your particular house. In fact, once some real estate agents list a property they forget about it completely and move onto getting the next listing, instead of actively marketing your property to get it sold.

And if your property needs repairs or isn’t “pretty” enough, it can fall far down on an agent’s priority list because s/he knows they’re going to have to work harder to sell your property than their other, nicer listings. When you call us, we will focus on buying only your property and finding a solution that works for you, as quickly as you want.

Are you ready to solve your house problem in a matter of days, selling it to a cash buyer who is ready, willing, and able to buy your property, no matter what condition it’s in? If so, call us now at 401-300-0093 or contact us and we can get started working on this today!

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